7 Reasons Why The Bachelor and Christian College Are Exactly the Same

Confession: after a whole lot of resistance, earlier this year, I finally started watching The Bachelor. I did it to appease my sweet sister-friend, Makenzie, assuming I would watch one or two episodes and be done with it. Little did I know I would quickly get hooked...and then go on to enjoy all that Bachelor Nation has to offer. 

I've spent some time trying to figure out why I can't get enough of this franchise. Besides the not-so-secret fact that I am a total reality tv junkie, I finally came up with my answer. I love The Bachelor because it reminds me of Christian college. 

I know what all you Christian college folks are thinking: "Oh bless your heart, Erin. That show is pure trash! It's nothing like us wholesome folk." 

Yeah OKAY. Let's look at the facts. 

1. The Cast of Characters is exactly the same.

They're both full of the following people.


The girl who unashamedly hunts for her future hubby and will do anything (and everything) it takes to win him. 



The girl who scares you into dating her. 


The girl giving everyone else some serious side eye. "You lack emotional intelligence," she might say. 



The loveble, fun friend.


The scary, stalker-y guy. 



The overly touchy guy.


The player (who always gets the girl). 


The guy who actually takes marriage seriously.

2. Relationships happen in a bubble

Relationships in both of these contexts occur at an expedited pace. Two weeks after the first date, a couple is "in love." Three months later, they're engaged. The couple is secluded from the real world and is instead in a comfortable bubble that shields them from stressors like family, money, and responsibilities that a couple outside of that bubble would typically face. 

3. Couples have the "ring by spring" mentality

There's no time to waste, that girl needs a ring on her finger ASAP. She needs her BA degree and her MRS degree. 


4. The girl to guy ratio is way off. 

Yup, Christian colleges notoriously have a higher population of girls than guys. So you know the competition is on. Orientation weekend is basically the first rose ceremony, am I right? 

5. Gossip abounds.

At a Christian college, doing homework together = dating. On The Bachelor a one-on-one = serious relationship. Both contexts are small and intimate, meaning everyone knows everyone's business. 


6. The dating pool is small. 

No one catching your fancy? Time to choose what you'll settle for: a single life or a mediocre life.

7. Cameras are always following you.

On The Bachelor, you sign up for the cameras and they follow you everywhere but the Fantasy Suite. At a Christian college, the cameras are just iPhones and they're posting the latest footage of you and your boo straight to Snapchat. They won't follow you into the Fantasy Suite either because there are no fantasy suites at Christian college. TWO FEET ON THE FLOOR, PEOPLE!